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A Few of our Most Popular Stoves

"Only the Sun Does it Better"

Koker Lite.jpg

The Koker Lite

A stove that provides clean and warm air.  It is efficient, dependable, and built to last!  This popular stove can be used freestanding to heat a small home, garage or shop. 

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Hand-Fired Hopper

Provide warmth even when there is no electricity.  The Hand Fired Hopper coal stove is a top loading hopper that holds up to 75 pounds of clean burning anthracite pea or nut coal to produce lots of heat for your home. This hand-fired stove comes with a standard 45 CFM blower, 2 ash pans and an optional brass trim. With no electricity needed to operate, this clean coal stove can continue to provide you heat even when the power has gone out! The automatic thermostat regulates the air flow so, you have a steady source of heat that will keep your home warm for years to come. 

To learn more about the Hand-Fired Hopper, click HERE

The Koker.jpg

The Koker

A stove that provides clean and warm air.  The Keystoker 160,000 BTU double wall constructed Koker furnace has a 9″ wide flat grate stoker and patented thermal heat exchanger. This popular furnace can be used as an add-on or used freestanding to heat a small home. It comes with an opening on the front (3 X 25) and an opening on the top (11X19) to distribute warm clean air into your home. 

To learn more about The Koker,

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HF70-HF90 Freestanding strove.png

HF-70 / HF-90

The Keystoker hand fired 70-90 requires no electricity but is still automatic. The stove is equipped with an automatic thermostat to regulate the air flow used for combustion, set by a dial, then controlled by stove temperature to provide a steady source of even heat for maximum comfort. A deep fire box allows for long burn time between tending of the stove. The deep fire box coupled with upper and lower rows of heated fire brick will: 
1. Result in most complete burning of coal
2. Extract maximum amount of heat from coal
3. Enables an attractive small parlor stove to heat a large area

For more information on the HF-70 /HF-90, please

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